Crowdfunding Start / Videoblog #1 

Hey everyone,  

after some difficulties because of holidays and weekends (the bank account and our identity had to be approved after we got 50 fans) you can now finally start to order stuff :-) 

Thanks for all the questions, tips and your interest - here’s a short summary: 

- the change the language of the crowdfunding page just click the “3 stripes” in the upper left corner and then choose your preferred language or just use this link for the English page: 
- from NOW on you can get your rewards; get ‘em while you can, ‘cause when they’re gone, they’re gone! 
- you can get multiple rewards at once; it’s just like putting them in your “shopping cart” and then “paying” the sum at the end 
- PayPal unfortunately isn’t an option, because they charge money for every transaction; so in case we won’t meet our goal of 5000€, you wouldn’t get your full money back, which would be bummer. But anyway, if you’re having trouble with the standard transaction methods (bank transfer or credit card), just let us know, and we’ll see what we can do for you - because nothing should stand in the way of you supporting us… 

So long, you’re gonna get updated weekly via our Facebook page or the crowdfunding blog

Cheers and thanks for your support - Get your guns!



It's the 10th anniversary of GumoManiacs and we want to put together something very special and way bigger than just a regular studio album! 

All you need to do is: 
- go to 
- then support us by ordering one of the nice rewards!

10 years of GumoManiacs! It’s time to open a new chapter!  

Thanks for your support! 

Gumo + GumoManiacs

More reviews 

Here are some more reviews (in German) to OUT OF DISORDER!


Well folks,

today we celebrate the release of our current album OUT OF DISORDER on vinyl and also want to present you the official music video to the song POETRY IN BLACK!!!
Have fun watching and feel free to share and spread the word!!!

By the way, we still have a few limited edition copies (incl. patch) left, so hurry up ;-)
Order in our STORE or on our BANDCAMP-PAGE.

The Maniacs


Until Monday, 11:59pm CET our Bandcamp- and Webshop offers big discount on EVERYTHING – even the latest pre-order is included!!!

We need to shrink our merch stock to make room for new stuff!
Our store is the only place where you can still buy CDs and LPs from our debut "Priest Of Lucifer" ... so who's lacking that „something“ - better jump at the chance now!!!

Buy bye,
The Maniacs

p.s.: This also applies for Hubi and Air's Rockband Radio Haze - check it out!


Hey everyone!

PRE-ORDER for the OUT OF DISORDER vinyl starts NOW!!!

- free patch for the first 50 orders!!!
- download code
- full colored inlay with lyrics
- special anti-loudness war remasters

Attention: The vinyl is exclusively available in our webstore or on Bandcamp and ships around December 11th!!!

Videoshoot for „Poetry In Black“ finished! 

Hi Folks,

we had a blast shooting a video for „Poetry In Black“ from our „Out Of Disorder“ Album last week!

We hope to present it to you somewhere between November an December. Till then we should also have the official release date for the vinyl version of „Out Of Disorder“!
Hubi already made a remaster especially for vinyl and it is going to sound better than ever before!

So stay tuned!

Sincerely Yours,


German Thrash Metal Sampler 

German Thrash Metal - the Sampler feat. Sodom, Kreator OfficialGumoManiacs and many more!

Wow, this one makes me proud!
Poetry In Black“ from our new Album „Out Of Disorder" is featured on a sampler about the history and evolution of German Thrash Metal over the last 30 years

Get more information about it here:

or buy it here:

Have a good one!


Aliens among us? 

Hey guys and welcome to another new year... I hope You have a good one!!!

Check out our brand-new lyric video of „PARANOIA“!

If You want to support us and our music share it or just spread the word!



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