Dear fans and supporters,

this Sunday (June 4th) our crowdfunding campaign comes to an end and we are struggling really hard to reach our goal. But we won't back down and have one last videoblog for you guys:
Our guitarists Gumo & Fuck will play through the whole song "Bloodbrothers" from the upcoming double album "By Endurance We Conquer" which can only be released with YOUR HELP! We know that by now it seems almost impossible that the campaign will be successful, yet please don't hesitate to order your copy of the album because every single new supporter might be a motivation for others to follow and as we all know miracles do happen! In the worst case your money will be transferred back to you immediately anyway, so in the end nobody loses anything. 

Check it out, have fun watching and please support our crowdfunding by placing an order and sharing it with all your friends! 

Over and out,

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