GUMO vs WASTED YEARS Video below (for everyone who wants to know what made the last few years hell for us...)

Hey everyone!

After some difficulties because of holidays and weekends (the bank account and our identity had to be approved after we got 50 fans) you can now finally start to order stuff :-) 

Thanks for all the questions, tips and your interest - here’s a short summary: 

- the change the language of the crowdfunding page just click the “3 stripes” in the upper left corner and then choose your preferred language (DE or EN) or just use this link for the English page: or this one for the German page
- from NOW on you can get your rewards; get ‘em while you can, ‘cause when they’re gone, they’re gone! 
- you can get multiple rewards at once; it’s just like putting them in your “shopping cart” and then “paying” the sum at the end 
- PayPal unfortunately isn’t an option, because they charge money for every transaction; so in case we won’t meet our goal of 5000€, you wouldn’t get your full money back, which would be bummer. But anyway, if you’re having trouble with the standard transaction methods (bank transfer or credit card), just let us know, and we’ll see what we can do for you - because nothing should stand in the way of you supporting us… 

So long, you’re gonna get updated weekly via our Facebook page or the crowdfunding blog

Cheers and thanks for your support - Get your guns!


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