Passionate professionals loaded with golden bullets of musical madness, beyond worn-out teenage paroles.
Thrash Metal mature and made to last!

GumoManiacs is brought to life in Jan 2007 by Daniel "Gumo" Reiss, and since being a one-man-project in the beginning, the early history of the band is the history of a single person. During his tender teenage years Gumo (born Jan 1980 in Regensburg, Germany) already starts to develop a great passion for the legendary Thrash Metal heroes of the 80s. All that happens in the middle of the 90s – a decade where Thrash Metal is declared dead…

When his first band Thargos (which looks back on a 11-year long history itself) came to an end, a first demo called "Metal Mafia" is recorded in Jan 2007. It is the birth of GumoManiacs. Besides a drum machine, only Gumo himself can be heard on all instruments and vocals. While searching for musicians in the following period, he first gets in contact with the Mexican label Blower Records.

On Feb 28th, 2008 the 3-piece band from Regensburg plays its very first concert at Skullcrusher Club in Dresden, whereupon a couple of record labels (some of them quite well-known) show interest in the band. But the band's line-up at that time is extremely unstable and the never ever released demo recordings of that period have to suffer from that fact. Conclusion: ”The big deal“ does not happen yet. Only the interest of Blower Records is still unbroken and also the German underground cult label G.U.C. offers the option to release the album on vinyl. Looking for stable band members during 2008, Gumo finally comes across the brothers Robert "Hubi" Hofmann (Bass) and Michael "Air" Hofmann (Drums), who should build the new rhythm section, while Gumo himself concentrates on guitar and vocals. Without any chance to grow together, the debut album "Priest Of Lucifer" is recorded DIY and released in Dec 2008/Feb 2009 gaining very good reactions from the press – typical Thrash Metal, musically diversified, with catchy choruses, handy riffs and outstanding guitar solos (partly contributed by later member Michael "Fuck" Pusch). The album already establishes the style the band will follow and refine in the following years. Playing many concerts in Germany, e.g. the Chronical Moshers Open Air or supporting Blaze Bayley (Ex-Iron Maiden), the line-up becomes a strong and stable unity. In Dec 2009 the band is heading to Mexico for their first international tour, which becomes a big highlight in their history.

The consequence: again it will be Blower Records and G.U.C. who release the 2nd album "PsychoMania" in Sep/Dec 2010. An album where the amount of input by the Hofmann brothers is getting noticeably bigger and the new recruited fourth band member Michael "Fuck" Pusch (2nd Guitar) causes quite a stir with his towering guitar solos. "PsychoMania" becomes the fastest and most aggressive album of the South German Thrashers up to date, bursts with self-confidence and leads to another tour in Mexico in Aug 2011. After successfully following the same concept of a CD/Vinyl release combined with a tour abroad, the wish for the next big step is growing.

It is no other than GoldenCore Records (ZYX Music), who recognize the capability of the young and ambitious band and sign them straight away in Jan 2012. While getting prepared for the studio sessions in Winter 2012/2013 at DreamSound Studios Munich, "The AntiSinner" EP is released in Oct 2012 as a bridge-over. Besides one original composition from the old Thargos days also two cover versions are recorded. Always following the will to do something ”new“ and ”different“, the band would not decide to choose the ”hits“ from the scene's famous big players, but instead choose two songs of befriended but comparatively unknown underground bands AntiPeeWee and Stahlhelmverbot.

In May 2014 the 3rd album "Out Of Disorder" is finally released via GoldenCore Records (ZYX Music). It is not only the preliminary highlight of the band's history, but also an impressive attestation of the ripening of GumoManiacs. The album stands for professional songwriting, grown-up lyrics and a high grade production that at the same time would not miss the music's rough edges. The love and passion for the genre and the will to search for an own niche melt together with musical craftsmanship and compositional accuracy. Simply said: "Out Of Disorder" offers nothing less than Thrash Metal on an international level. And measured by the evolution of the band from album to album one can be curious about where the journey leads from here.

In fall 2014 they're recording a new record at Ø Studio Abensberg and part from their label GoldenCore Records (ZYX Music) due to communication problems... While looking for new partners to release the fourth album, Slash Zero Records release the vinyl version of “Out Of Disorder“ in Dec 2015.

2017 being the year of their 10th anniversary, GumoManiacs also celebrate the release of their next album “By Endurance We Conquer“ (2017), which in fact contains the 4th album “Damnation“ (2014) and the 5th album “Demons“ (2016).